Since 1973, Daily Thermetrics has provided the process industries with precise temperature measurement instrumentation. We are known for quality and delivering to the demanding needs of our customers. We have proprietary and patented temperature measurement technologies and have become a global provider of temperature instrumentation to clients around the world. Throughout various process industries, we at Daily Thermetrics have provided operators with extensive process control capabilities using our industry-leading temperature measurement technology solutions.

Single Source Provider

Because traceability, quality control and a timely delivery are important, Daily Thermetrics is one of few temperature manufacturers that manufactures its own thermowells. We can manufacture single-piece construction thermowells up to 72" in length. Our technical abilities and custom designs enable us to meet a myriad of customer requirements. Because Daily Thermetrics truly understands the needs of its customers, all of our thermowells are serialized for true traceability.


We employ some of the most experienced graduate engineers in the temperature measurement field and have an in-house technical capability to design and troubleshoot to quickly meet customer needs. Our technical staff is well seasoned in solving basic thermocouple problems as well as complicated applications such as profiling internal hydrocracker activity. We employ proprietary software to effectively calculate thermowell vibrations resulting from process variables such as density and viscosity and hold numerous patents in the field of temperature sensing instrumentation.

Testing & Inspection

For all full penetration thermowell welds, Daily Thermetrics provides 100% ultrasonic testing at no additional charge. This procedure is superior to X-ray in that the entire weld is scrutinized. Our welds are thoroughly tested using the most stringent, industry accepted guidelines. Our ultrasonic test procedures leave no room for subjectivity. All test activity is documented and maintained at the factory and available to customers free of charge upon request.

Quality Control

The key word in the Daily Thermetrics quality program is traceability. Each step from procurement of raw materials through each phase of manufacture and testing is fully traceable. Our 62,000 square foot manufacturing facility is fully climate controlled to ensure the quality manufacture of thermocouples and RTDs. Additionally, all welders must qualify per ASME section IX in the 6G position with a splice on a 2" XXH pipe. This qualification level exceeds that of the nuclear power industry.


Whether you require service, design assistance, troubleshooting, or documentation, you will be hard pressed to find a more responsive company than Daily Thermetrics. We have structured our company to provide our customers with the most professional service at the highest level seven days a week, 24 hours a day.