CCR Reforming

Daily Thermetrics is the UOP specified supplier for UOP’s Platformer® CCR regenerator. Working closely with UOP on both specification and application, CatTracker® technology inside UOP’s Platformer® regenerator allows refiners the ability to locate a sensor anywhere in the regenerator tower with the highest level of accuracy, precision, and reliability.

Daily Thermetrics also provides CatTracker® technology for AXENS’ naptha CCR reforming technologies including AXENS’ proprietary reforming regeneration tower.  Refiners in Europe, India, and China are now using CatTracker® technology in their AXENS’ reforming regeneration tower.

Semi-Regen Reforming

Semi-regen reforming is also an excellent candidate for CatTracker® sensors. Commonly a radial flow reactor, Daily Thermetrics has several successfully operational CatTracker® assemblies in radial flow reactors.

Cyclic Regeneration Reforming

Cyclic regeneration reforming was the original reforming application for the CatTracker®in 2006. Since then, Daily Thermetrics has supplied CatTracker® sensors to several spherical cyclic-regen reformers.

Platformer® is a registered trademark of UOP, a Honeywell Company.