The CATTRACKER® CATALYST TEMPERATURE TRACKING SYSTEM, patented by Daily Thermetrics and first introduced commercially in 2001, is a proven technology with superior operational service over five continents profiling hundreds of reactors, regenerators and fractionating columns.

The CatTracker®, employing patented aerospace thermocouple technology, offers the process industry the most rugged yet flexible temperature probes designed to be in direct contact with the process and catalyst.  CatTracker® temperature sensors are designed to withstand the harshest environments and the most strenuous temperature demands.

Each CatTracker® probe consists of a mineral insulated (MI) cable which can sense temperature along its length at various predetermined locations. The CatTracker®’s multiple temperature sensing points are each independent and isolated from one another, while at the same time ungrounded from the sheath. The CatTracker®’s patented design eliminates any possibility of signal interference (due to the fact that there is no common leg) and provides unsurpassed reliability for the most demanding applications.