Daily Thermetrics' CatTracker® probe, adapted specifically for tubular reactors, allows processors the ability to specify up to eleven (11) sensors in a single 1/4" (6.34mm) OD metallic sheath.  Daily Thermetrics has hundreds of CatTracker® sensors operating in a variety of tubular catalytic reactors around the world.

Starting in 2006, Daily Thermetrics partnered with JM Process Technologies to provide a packaged JMcatalyst+CatTracker® offering for primary reformers.  Since then, the partnership has profiled many primary reformers providing never before captured temperature gradients of the catalyst tube and allowing the processor improved ability to customize primary reformer catalyst.

Shift Reactor profiles have also become a popular application for use of CatTracker® sensors.  The unique ability of the CatTracker® to combine industry leading accuracy and precision with multiple isolated and independent sensors within a single sheath has attracted many syngas processeors to employ the CatTracker® in their Low Temperature Shift (LTS), Medium Temperature Shift (MTS) and High Temperature Shift (HTS) reactors.  Providing both radial and vertical sensor arrangements, and with an endless catalog of layout configurations, revamping existing shift reactors has become common place for Daily Thermetrics.