Daily Thermetrics STAR™ Service programs complement and leverage our technical and production capabilities to meet turnaround instrumentation demands. From on-site technical service and turnaround support to thermowell inspection services, STAR™ Services can be customized to suit any refinery TAR requirements.

Pre-TAR Planning

STAR™ specialists conduct thorough pre-TAR field verifications and create inspection and replacement plans that drastically reduce the number of discovery items during TAR.


STAR™ specialists are highly experienced in supervising turnkey TAR temperature instrumentation inspection and replacement programs. In addition to ensuring proper inspection procedures and redesign as necessary, they also manage production and shipping to ensure no replacement items become critical path. STAR™ specialists provide a direct link to all divisions of Daily Thermetrics in order to quickly provide estimates and arrange timely delivery.


Daily Thermetrics provides dedicated Level II inspectors who are specially trained in inspection of temperature measurement equipment. We offer turnkey inspection and recertification of existing temperature measurement equipment, including visual testing, PT, PMI, UT, eddy current, hydrostatic testing, and others upon request.

Post-TAR Close Out

STAR™ specialists manage all necessary documentation – from inspection reports and wake frequency analysis to full data sheets for each item inspected, redesigned, and/or replaced.

For more information and to begin planning your next STAR™ service, please contact us at [email protected]..